Create a life of thriving with coaching.

Partner with me to build:

Better work-life balance, with more meaning, connection, relaxation and fun

More ease and effectiveness in managing your time, tasks and commitments

Updated clarity, courage and direction for facing a big challenge, transition or decision in life — changing careers, starting a family, going back to work, parenting, burnout, illness, breaking up, divorce, the empty nest, aging parents, retirement, bereavement

The energy and wellness that springs from getting steady in nourishing, moving and resting your body

The optimism and resilience to lead and connect more effectively at work and show up more authentically in your personal relationships

More agility and presence when communicating – balancing speaking and listening, assertiveness, appreciation and acceptance

Greater intimacy, gratitude and belonging… with the skills to retool or let go of unhealthy relationships, and seek out and enhance good ones

Ready to go beyond the temporary and superficial results from…

Advice and information

Willpower and resolutions

Insights without actions

Self-help resources

One-size-fits-all fixes

“Solutions” that work against your core values and commitments

“It takes courage to push yourself to places you have never been before… to test your limits… to break through barriers. And the day came when the risk it took to remain tight inside the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” 

— Anaïs Nin

The results of Integral Coaching™ are deep and lasting because ALL aspects of change are included:

What is involved?

Good Fit Conversation

First, we have a complementary Good Fit conversation over the phone or video-conferencing to explore your needs, answer your questions and determine our match.

Book your complementary phone call today!

Customized Program Development

We meet in my office in Bells Corners or via secure video-conferencing.

We begin by partnering to dive deeply into YOU –

  • Discovering what matters now and why, what’s working, and what has you stuck
  • Examining your patterns and perspectives including: your thoughts, values, feelings, relationships, actions, body, spirit, culture, and environments

Sometimes we also choose to add in assessment tools such as the EQ-i 2.0 or EQ 360.

I will create and offer you a written customized coaching program with a clear plan for what needs developed to gain real and lasting traction moving forward.

Monthly Coaching

We go on to have two coaching conversations each month to:

  • Leverage your current capacities that serve you well
  • Incrementally loosen habits and mindsets which get in your way
  • Build new more effective and fulfilling ways of thinking, being and doing
  • Fine tune and iterate given arising opportunities and challenges

Each session also includes:

  • A customized written practice with actions to practice in real life
  • Reflection questions to deepen change
  • Email accountability and support

You choose for how long we work together.  I can help you decide on an anticipated program duration on the basis of your coaching topic, ranging from three to nine months.

Results That Matter

Deb was exemplary in her abilities to learn and apply our advanced human development model and method. She is exceptionally perceptive and skilful to the extent that she graduated with Mastery – one of only a handful of students to do so in over a decade.

— Joanne Hunt/Laura Divine, M.B.A, Founders Integral Coaching Canada

Working with Deb is nothing short of completely transformational. She’s insightful, playful, wise and compassionate. Sweeping through the most untended corners of my deepest challenges felt safe and almost easy.

— Chela Davison, Integral Master Coach™

As a coach, Deb is deeply insightful, warm and caring. As a result of working with Deb, I now seek out more new experiences, contribute more broadly at work, have a deeper capacity for intimacy, and enjoy life more.

— Lois Bruss, M.Ed., Organizational Effectiveness Consultant

Deb is very astute and supportive, such that the coaching process was enjoyable, relaxing and always felt totally safe and nonjudgmental.
I learned when it is appropriate to soften my approach vs. having extremely high expectations of others.

— KM, BScN, Registered Nurse

I was on the brink of professional and personal burnout. I now have a new sense of control in my work, self-care is a priority and I feel more connected to the important things in my life. I cannot thank Deb enough.

— Linda S., LLB, Lawyer

As a 61 year old cancer researcher, I was confronted with leaving a high-profile, intense career. Our sessions, along with practical exercises and reflection questions, proved very useful and energizing for my successful transition to retirement.

— Jeremy Squire, Ph.D., Professor

After an injury and surgery, I couldn’t take weight off despite working out daily. I have become a better athlete, and lost 30 lbs for good! I valued weight wellness coaching by someone who has lived it, done it, knows it from the inside out — Deb understands.

— Marianne Patterson, B.Ed., Teacher

Being coached by Deb is amazingly fun, profound, life transforming and deeply nourishing. I learned how to stay in my body, feel my emotions, reach for the connection of relationships, and feel supported. There is no doubt – Deb Thompson is the best.

— Julie Flaherty, J.D., Lawyer

Deb fully grasped my way of being, was committed to our work, and was amazing in her way of synthesizing, making meaning and linking it all. I saw how I was contributing to my challenges, and developed abilities to create a more satisfying life for myself.

— Diane D., M.Ed., Leadership Advisor

Deb is a genuine and engaged active listener who contributed to me realizing who I was and how I wanted to respond to the world at large. I benefited from her confidence and warmth when struggling, and her sturdy and witty character when I needed a push.

— FGT, MBA, Banking Executive

I loved working with Deb. She’s a master. She’s engaging and insightful, and deeply caring. The process was dynamic, tough and fun. I developed self awareness and self supporting skills that inspire me ongoing to live a fuller life.

— John Stoddart, M.A., Integral Master Coach™

Deb takes a systemic approach to understanding your world both personally and professionally. I credit her coaching for my success with my new business while going through my EMBA at Queen’s University and dealing with a stressful personal issue.

— Deanna Werklund, MBA, ICD.D

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