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You deserve to thrive.

Partner with me to create results that matter:

Better work-life integration, with more meaning, happiness, and fun

Clarity, direction and courage when facing a big challenge, transition or decision in life

Enhanced energy, health and wellness from getting steady in nourishing, moving and resting your body

More effective communication – expression, listening, feedback, boundaries, and professionalism

Greater connection, belonging and happier relationships

Transformation Programs

Receipts can be tailored for:


Clients who have benefits for treatment by a Registered Psychologist in Ontario


Business owners


Professionals in development


Government and private sector sponsorship (inquire about corporate rates)

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What is involved?

Taking stock

Taking Stock

You will get clear on:


What you want to be different and why


What interferes: gaps, challenges and obstacles


What helps: strengths, opportunities and supports

You’ll begin to feel less overwhelmed and self-critical as you experience the power of compassionate curiosity through your complete deep assessment.

customizing your coaching plan

Customizing Your Plan

You’ll receive a personalized, incremental growth plan that includes everything you need for transformation you’ll be able to count on:


Tools and Supports







You’ll feel fully seen and met without judgment, and more optimistic about the possibility of a better tomorrow.

growing with support with coaching

Growing With Support

You’ll be making good on your intentions as we meet every two weeks to move you towards your goals, through:


Deepened self-awareness gained in our coaching conversations and reflection questions


New skills and habits practiced in real life… with the loosening of unhelpful patterns


Customized and compassionate support in our meetings, and over email (accountability and resources)

You can anticipate the relief of traction after years of spinning your wheels. It’s hard to imagine living with peace, clarity, efficacy and ease in your topic of frustration, but I can assure you, I’ve helped hundreds of clients to brand new outcomes!

sustaining change

Sustaining Change

Within the context of your real life, you’ll be prepared to:


Maintain your new normal (skills, habits and mindsets)


Navigate hiccups and slips with compassion and agility


Think differently about new arising challenges


Know when you would benefit from further guidance

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Results That Matter

Deb is exceptionally perceptive and skilful to the extent that she graduated with Mastery – one of only a handful of students to do so in over a decade.

Joanne Hunt/Laura Divine, M.B.A, Founders Integral Coaching Canada

Deb’s coaching and guidance allowed me to navigate challenging work environments with grace and newfound understanding of both self and others.

Annick Gauthier, MD, PhD, CCFP, Academic Clinician

New to an executive role, I gained control of my work, incorporated self-care, and feel more connected to the important things in my life thanks to Deb’s deep skills and care.

Kevin Deluzio, Ph.D., P.Eng., University Dean

Working with Deb is nothing short of completely transformational. She’s insightful, playful, wise and compassionate.

Chela Davison, Integral Master Coach™

Deb is deeply insightful, warm and caring. I now seek out more new experiences, contribute more broadly at work, have a deeper capacity for intimacy, and enjoy life more.

Lois Bruss, M.Ed., Organizational Effectiveness Consultant

Deb is very astute and supportive, so coaching was enjoyable, relaxing and always felt totally safe and nonjudgmental. I can now soften my approach and overly high expectations of others.

KM, BScN, Registered Nurse

I was in professional and personal burnout. I now have a new sense of control in my work, self-care is a priority and feel more connected to the important things in my life.

Linda S., LLB, Lawyer

I was facing retiring from a high-profile career. Our sessions, along with practical exercises and reflection questions, proved very useful and energizing for my successful transition.

Jeremy Squire, Ph.D., Professor

I valued weight wellness coaching by someone who has lived it, done it, knows it from the inside out — Deb understands. I have become a better athlete, and lost 30 lbs for good!

Marianne Patterson, B.Ed., Teacher

Deb's discernment is outstanding: she offered enough support to feel held, and enough challenge to grow. Now I connect with and include myself in my priorities and relationships.

SDC, MBA, CHRL, Integral Master Coach™

Coaching was amazingly fun, profound, life transforming and deeply nourishing. I learned to stay in my body, feel my emotions, and reach for the connection and support of relationships.

Julie Flaherty, J.D., Lawyer

Deb was amazing in her way of synthesizing, making meaning and linking it all. I saw how I was contributing to my challenges, and created a more satisfying life for myself.

Diane D., M.Ed., Leadership Advisor

Deb is a genuine and engaged active listener. I benefited from her confidence and warmth when struggling, and her sturdy and witty character when I needed a push.

FGT, MBA, Banking Executive

Deb is engaging and insightful, and deeply caring. The process was dynamic, tough and fun. I developed self awareness and self supporting skills that inspire me ongoing to live a fuller life.

John Stoddart, M.A., Integral Master Coach™

I credit coaching with Deb for my success with my new business while going through my EMBA at Queen’s University and dealing with a stressful personal issue.

Deanna Werklund, MBA, ICD.D

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