I create CUSTOMIZED content for your team’s learning and development.

I understand that you don’t need canned downloads that assume, incorrectly, that information is sufficient for actual change.

My trainings empower transformation via:

Experiential learning and practices that build new capacities in real life 

An Integral approach involving the whole person (mind, body, values, emotions, actions) and the interpersonal/workplace context

Blended learning options which allow participants to further customize their experience 

Optional addition of follow-up one-on-one coaching and/or integration of assessments such as the EQ-i 2.0 and EQ 360

I specialize in co-creating and customizing workshops to enhance:

Emotional resilience and intelligence for well-being and adept leadership

Mental health for managers

Creating psychologically healthy workplaces

Sustainable personal health and wellness habits within busy lives


I had the pleasure of attending training facilitated by Deb Thompson – WOW! She brought the concepts to life with energy and passion, which made the session fun and helped anchor our key learning objectives. Deb was great at reading the room and tuning her message to individual learning styles and experience, so that everyone benefited.

— Leslie Rohonczy, Export and Development Canada

Deb is a passionate and engaging facilitator of group processes. She’s a real alchemist in how she reads dynamics and is able to shift the interactions and energy in the room. If you are looking for a transformative team experience, I recommend Deb as a dynamic workshop leader.

— Ellen Sprenger, Founder/Chief Exploration Officer , Spring Strategies

After working with Deb in her “Group Games to Energize, Connect and Nourish” workshop, I have become more experimental and engaging. I feel more confident in bringing playfulness and improvisation into conventional meetings and work spaces. Hiring Deb to cultivate new capacities for creativity, connection with clients or professional groups is essential if you want to expand from leading with your ‘head’ into leading from an integrated, whole.

— Jennifer England, Director, Yukon Women’s Directorate

Deb designed and delivered many exemplary workshops to support staff, faculty, and student success and well-being. We appreciated her flexibility and ability to understand and meet the diverse needs of the Student Service team. I am happy to recommend Deb without reservation.

— Catherine O’Rourke, Director, Loyalist College

Deb’s online course was a mind blowing experience. Now I feel lighter and free, and much happier. I am aware of my triggers and figure out intuitively what I need now – and most importantly, I know that I matter and a nourished life is possible. Deb is a natural teacher: genuine, passionate and compassionate, and with a great sense of humor.

— Dianne Oulton

I have learned to better engage with myself and others, recognizing what nourishes me and to set boundaries with those things that don’t. Every piece of Deb’s program is designed to be flexible to you. She is a wonderfully passionate, compassionate, and creative teacher and superb mentor.

— T.J. McDonald

Deb is a natural teacher/communicator who is compassionate, thoughtful and wise. She delivers the most up to date and relevant wellness information with humour, empathy and understanding. Ultimately, Deb was remarkably committed to our individual successes, whatever that may look like, on our own terms.

— Elspeth Christie

Deb had a fine balance of bringing a down to earth feeling to the content, even when talking about the latest research. I feel really good – I have more energy, moving is easier, and I now make rest and recovery routine. If you want a caring and effective container to catalyze the wellness changes you want and need, I recommend learning from Deb!

— Cheryl Whitelaw

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