Coaching FAQ's

“ICC’s coaching method is the very first coaching methodology we’ve ever seen that explicitly honors and includes the full spectrum of human development—which is to say that it is the very first coaching program that fully honors and includes all of you: all of your strengths, all of your weaknesses, all of your shadows, all of your experiences, and all of your untapped potentials.”

— Ken Wilber

Where are you located?

If you are in Ottawa, we can meet in my office in Bells Corners or virtually. If you are elsewhere in the world, we can connect over secure video-conferencing using a free platform for phones, tablets and computers (Zoom).

What are your coaching hours?

I am available in person in Bells Corners on Tuesdays and Thursdays 10 am – 5 pm. I provide video-conferencing sessions on Mondays and Wednesdays noon – 8 pm, and Fridays 9 am – 3 pm.

How are the coaching fees structured?

Coaching fees range from $200 to $290/hour for individuals, non-profit, government and private sector.

For every hour of face-to-face contact, there will be approximately 30 minutes of program/practice development and email support/accountability costs.

If you are paying for your own coaching program, the fees will be paid per appointment at the time of booking (via my online calendar). If you have benefits for seeing a Registered Psychologist, let me know and I will provide official receipts for you to submit. If you are self-employed, coaching is a professional development business expense.

I am happy to have private sector and government employers contract with me to provide coaching services to their staff. If your employer is covering the costs, I will work with him or her via customary procurement and billing practices.

Are our conversations confidential?

Yes. If your employer has contracted with me to coach you, you can choose to agree to some communication between me and him or her, but the limits will be clear from the beginning. Because I am a Registered Psychologist, even when I am coaching, I am required to report imminent plans to harm oneself or others, abuse/neglect of children or elderly/dependent adults, and misconduct of a health professional.

Should I choose counselling or coaching?

I am trained, credentialled and experienced in providing both coaching and counselling.

Counselling allows people to:

  • explore and heal from past experiences
  • develop new ways of understanding themselves and others
  • build skills for managing their emotions and relationships with more effective capacities


  • Counselling conversations can cover different aspects of life from week to week
  • The relationship is usually open-ended, with sessions held at a frequency you choose
  • Homework is optional and if given, simply discussed
  • Cost is for face-to-face time only ($200/hour)

In Integral Coaching™:

  • Clients work on a specific personal topic
  • There is a program with an anticipated duration (e.g, 3 to 9 months) with meetings every 2 weeks
  • You get written, customized developmental practices and reflection questions to complete between conversations
  • The cost is higher, reflecting face-to-face time and program/practice development as well as email accountability and support between sessions (e.g. individuals pay $600/month for two meetings and customized practice sets)
  • Although the roots of a client’s way of being are acknowledged in coaching, the emphasis is on moving forward rather than exploring the past.

I am happy to discuss which change modality would best serve your needs.

Please note that my college considers me to be a Registered Psychologist whether I am counselling or coaching, so I can provide receipts for extended health benefit plans for either service. 

What's my first step?

Book a complimentary Good Fit chat with me to discuss your intentions and goals and whether coaching with me would support your transformation.